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LED Neon signs are now more on trend than ever, with LED neon light being one of the most searched for products on pinterest. Now with all the flexibility of LED neon light there are so many more customisable features available than traditional glass neon tubing. With no end of features and styles they can have a place whatever style of home you have. Whether you would like to create a bright and fun edge to a room or keep it paired back and classy the choice is yours.

Whichever room you want to purchase a neon sign for we have something to fit with our exclusive Little Rae online range. Although if our range is not quite ticking the boxes then let us design a custom neon light for you. One of the biggest trends within neon lighting at the moment is bedroom neon signs, with lots of people choosing to complete their bedroom look with a neon sign above bed. These are fantastic as an alternative to your standard bedroom lighting and so much so that you wont need to turn your ceiling lighting on to keep your room illuminated. And with the added feature of being able to mount your wall neon signs they take up no space than say with a table or floor lamp.

Another fantastic product we have available to purchase alongside your neon sign is a wireless dimmer, so you can dim down the lights to create “mood” lighting. And with the wireless remote there is not need to reach for the switch and can be turned on and off from the comfort of your bed

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