Meet Sophie

Sophie Tipping Director and founder of Little Rae Neon Signs

As I was decorating my daughters nursery, I struggled to find lighting that was both decorative and functional. Throughout my career, I’d worked as a designed for large UK homeware retailers, and I knew I could use my experience to create something special. Our Dream Big Little One was the first ever Little Rae design, and it’s still a favourite part of our home years later. 

Sophie's Favourites

Shop some of my all-time favourite styles from over the years

Once a few friends and family saw what I’d created for my little one, I was soon created lights for them, and naturally Little Rae was officially born, named after my daughter Poppy Rae. The goal has always been to create inspirational collections that would be used throughout homes and gardens. I’ve worked hard to create lights that feel a little different to the neon lights you’d expect to see elsewhere, and create pieces that will work in any home, with any aesthetic. 

So, what’s next? We want to continue creating new, exciting designs, and provide alternative and unique lighting options to our wonderful customers.