Want a neon sign but not sure where to start ?

Featuring our top pick of styled neon signs to inspire you!

It can be a little intimidating when it comes to neon lights within the home. Especially when some of you initial thoughts jump to nightclub and love island vibes. So whether its your looking for something small or statement i have compiled a guide to help you take that next step to lighting up your space.

One of the amazing things about the LED signs is that they are really lightweight so they can easily be moved around and styled in different places. Although its always good to start with a place in mind for your neon to go even if it is initially. Once you have that you can then look at what size, layouts would work best for your space.

We've picked some beautifully styled neons to give you all the inspiration you need for where you could home your neon light!

A corner of your home ...




Above a bed for the perfect mood lighting



make a statement positioned above a fireplace



The perfect quote to go above a sofa



To hang or not to hang ?

If you are not entirely sure you want to hang on the wall you can go for a freestanding option. The larger signs look amazing positioned on the floor leant against a wall and the smaller lights make a great focal point styled on a shelfie.



To go for a custom or offshelf design ?

You might find the perfect neon straight away that you absolutely need to have. But if you find yourself trawling the internet to find the perfect sign for you maybe its worth going for a custom sign or personalised sign.

The beauty of having something custom is that you are not going to see it anywhere else, its completely unique to you and your style and actually isn't as expensive as you initially might think.

We offer a free design and quote service so all those details can be captured and its our job then to bring it to life all to fit your style, size and budget.

Little Rae Custom Neons

I hope this has inspired you to take the next step into lighting up your space!

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